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Originally Posted by saxapower View Post
Well, let me say that I've been looking for information about this for 2 years now and I don't have found nothing. I think that here and now I'll be able to find it (you're a bunch of excellent and very well informed people).

The story is the following: my wife's family is in the spiritist/spiritualist stuff. In other words, they all have the ability to channel messages. Two years ago we received a message that was simmilar to this:

"All of you were here in this land before there were people living in it. You were elected and belong to the Michaels/Micaels tribe. Very soon many souls will need you to help them cross to the light because this house is like a beacon in the middle of darkness, be prepared."

I've been trying to find precise information about this but I haven't found nothing. I feel that when they said Michael or Micael they were speaking of Archangel Michael but don't know for sure.

That has been one of the last messages we received. For some reason, communication stopped and never was completely recovered so I haven't been able to ask about what they meant with that.

Can you help me, please?
This is a wild card ok, the 2nd speaker of the Melchizedeck Cloister Emerald Order is Michael Deane, his spiritual name is A'san

If you resonate perhaps you should visit

They will be bringing some teachings regarding how to help people when they die so they don't get trapped

Also may just mean ascension

One thing, they don't channel

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