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Default Re: The PTB are up in arms over Avatar

I have now seen the movie twice and was equally impressed both times. It struck a very deep chord in me, so much so that I decided to see it at the theater once again rather than wait to rent/buy the DVD. There is no doubt in my mind why the PTB would not want people seeing this film. It connects at a very very deep level.

Now, I have what is called "perfect pitch" and can remember and play back music perfectly irrespective of the length of the score or the length of time from having heard it. I recognized the music during the flight sequence ... 4 (sometimes 3) very distinctive notes ... the first time I viewed the film. I thought about it and remembered that I had heard the exact same 4 notes, played in the exact same manner, from the movie Brainstorm.

I rented Brainstorm and was amazed at the similarity in content, concepts, certain personalities ... right down to the final closing scene where the Avatar opens his eyes. There is something about the eyes. Reminds me of another connection to the movie Blade Runner. (And, yes, the musical notes are absolutely identical to those found in Brainstorm).

Doing some quick internet research I discovered by googling on "+Avatar +Brainstorm" that: 1) nobody else has seen the incredible similarities between the two movies, and 2) the high-tech bicycle shown in the Brainstorm movie was originally called the "Avatar". Here's the link:

The interesting thing about Brainstorm was that it was Natalie Wood's last movie. She died under strange (unresolved) circumstances during the filming. The director gave up his career to get this movie released. MGM wanted to cash in on the insurance money.

When I first saw Brainstorm I felt the very same deep deep resonance in my soul. In fact, from that point onwards I became interested in the "non-consensus" viewpoint and basically woke up and have been researching ever since.

Brainstorm was released in September 1983. (I got that from IMDB: ). The movie is difficult to find since the movie never really "made it", but it will provide another link in the chain.

I would also like to second many of the comments made by TheChosen (above @ 10:36 am). This is an incredibly powerful movie and is most certainly about human transformation / evolution to a better world.

This is my first post (anywhere). I guess I'd better design an Avatar and pick a cute signature line!


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