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Default Re: Meeting with Bashar~ amazing.

ENJOY Bashar!
I love him.

*Living on the Edge*

Q: What about all these earth changes being predicted these days?

B: Our understanding -- and this goes for all such so-called predictions --
is as follows: changes there will be; and there may be isolated events in
which individuals may choose to believe they need to experience the
transformation in catastrophic or disastrous ways. However, no one needs to
experience the transformation in a negative way. If individuals are
willing to wake up within themselves now, and recognize they deserve
happiness without having to go through trials by fire in order to believe
they deserve happiness, then they won't have to place themselves in a
scenario where they are shaken awake.

Allow yourselves to recognize that any such information is only an
opportunity, not an absolute dictum, to be aware of the energy within you
and what reality you choose to believe is more true for you. When you
recognize you do not need to experience that type of a tool, then you will
find that even if you were to remain in a locale that did experience it,
you would not. And if enough individuals in your locale understand they do
not need to experience it that way, the entire locale will not.

Many of you enjoy earthquakes; you love "living on the edge." You are
finding that the energy excites you and spurs you on to greater creativity,
and you choose to congregate in areas of high seismic activity. That's why
you are where you are (California). You are learning to direct this
energy, learning to use it rather than fearing it. You are attracting
yourselves to particular places that represent different degrees of energy,
and in doing so, giving yourselves the creative opportunity to know you can
flow that energy through you, and you can begin to identify with the power
that is actually within you. For no magnitude of any quake that has ever
occurred on your planet matches even infinitesimally the amount of power
you have to create your reality.

You are learning to direct your energy by feeling it externally in ways
that show you how much power you have, how much power you are. So you can
get more and more used to the idea, at whatever rate is comfortable for
you, of living with that much power, and of understanding what that much
power is capable of doing. You are choosing to flow that power in a
positive way, rather than a negative way, choosing to allow that power to
destructurize but not destroy. Thank you all for being so bold.

*The Fluid Future*

The idea is to simply be in touch with the fact that the so-called future
is always fluid. There are many probable realities; and when someone says
-- or you perceive -- "Well, this is going to happen then, and it's going
to be very catastrophic," it is simply one perception of one bandwidth
frequency, one probable reality. Now that you are aware that there is
energy behind that probable future, if you don't prefer it, you don't have
to stay on that frequency.

It doesn't necessarily mean you have to move. If you find you are in any
locale wherein the majority of consciousness insists on experiencing the
transformation in negative, or in catastrophic destructive ways, and you
know you don't need to, then whether you even try to or not, you will
automatically attract into your life an opportunity which will remove you
from that locale without your even trying; without you even planning to.

So if you are following what is most exciting for you, and you find
yourself not attracting a situation in your life to remove you from the
locale you are in; that is, if you do find the locale you are in is the
most exciting locale you would like to be in, in general, then take it as a
sign that you will be able to remain in that locale, and nothing will
interrupt the path you chose to be.

Q: What if I find that place is not feeling right?

Then go where you find it to be more exciting. But recognize that it
doesn't necessarily mean you are taking yourself out of the place that will
experience destruction. You are simply following the flow of your own path
and going to where you are most excited to be, surrounding yourself with
the environment that is conducive to the idea you are being. That's it.
No part of your planet has to experience the change in catastrophic ways;
none of it has to. It depends on your willingness to wake up.


November 1, 1988:

Q: You said something about Halloween being connected to the destruction
of Atlantis?

B: Yes, from your ancient times All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, represents
the day before the destruction of Atlantis. November 1 is the day of
destruction, and November 2 is the day after. In some of your religious
vernacular these days this translates into All Hallows Eve, All Souls Day
and All Saints Day, and is the idea of the destruction of your Atlantean
landmass approximately 11 to 12 thousand years ago.

The issue you are dealing with on your Earth at this time is connected
strongly to both the planet Maldek destroying itself long ago and a
repetition of the cycle of Atlantis, although on a smaller scale than
Maldek. In your current time frame, the United States represents the idea
of the replay of Atlantis, for you have much of the same technology and the
same position in relation to politics around the world. Also you have many
of the same individuals from Atlantis who have now restructured themselves
to the point of deciding whether or not they will destroy the world again.
/You all chose to be here in this transformational age to see that you do/
/NOT replay Atlantis and destroy yourselves and your Earth this time around./

Q: It was stated in the Ra Materials, Bashar, that no one had ever left
this density since Jesus' time.

B: Actually you have all decided to remain and return because the
transformation is so attractive and exciting. It is not so much that no
one has been able to leave; it is that no one has wanted to. And as you
say, "You are where it's at." Your planet is going through such a strong
transformation that not only do the individuals on it not necessarily want
to leave -- because they want to be a part of it on some level, physically
or non-physically -- but you also have attracted the attention of thousands
of other civilizations and dimensions of consciousness. These wish to
watch what's going on. Thus, you have all wished to add to the momentum of
the group karma of the transformation.

*Economic Resources*

Q: You say we are transforming. How do we transform our economy? Or
will we have an economic depression?

B: You will to some degree. But the idea is that there does not have to
be a depression. You are simply recognizing that your economic structure
is shifting, is changing. And yes, in your terms, the old one may need to
break down. But that breakdown does not in any way mean it must be in a
depletive manner. It can be replaced; it can be re-grown in a different
way; it can be transformed.

Q: But do you feel that there will be a major shifting in the economy?

B: Oh, yes.

Q: Do the values in America reflect that in a certain unconscious or
conscious way?

B: The values of your entire earth reflect it, because you are now
becoming global. And so you need a global economy, in a sense. Although
it will not be economics as you have known it.

Q: Do you have anything to say to us about ways that we may accelerate
ourselves through that shift?

B: Yes. Begin by basing your economics on each other, not on a symbol!
You yourselves are what back your services. That is all there is to it.
Direct interaction between individuals, with the removal of the
limitations, you call, borders, will facilitate an interactive global
economy. It is simply the idea of the reapportionment of the resources you
have, and the re-shifting of your priorities. There is really no lack on
your world at all; and there is not actually overpopulation. Rather there
is simply a particular disbursement of individuals and resources in such a
way as to make it seem as if there is a lack.

Balance your economy by the sharing of responsibilities -- in any task,
corporation, or whatever -- and the reliance upon the resources of all,
rather than the hoarding of, or the fearing of others, in terms of being
able to deplete your own resources. Create a republic of ideas, in a

Q: I also read that there's an impending axis shift on this planet.

B: All right. There are changes of electromagnetic energy. But again,
the overall fundamental idea is that any transformation can be experienced
in a positive or a negative way; it's up to you. Whatever vibration you
buy into most strongly will be the way you experience the shifts going on
in your electromagnetic field. Individuals who have a great deal of fear
about the shift will lure themselves into places of destruction.
Individuals who understand they can use the energy to enlighten themselves,
and elevate and accelerate themselves in a positive way, will simply know,
beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they do not have to give themselves the
idea of a trial by fire, and they will lure themselves to places on your
planet where they will experience the energy as a /destructurization,/ rather
than as destruction. The more individuals on your planet there are who
recognize they can use this energy in a positive way, rather than simply
fearing or believing it has to happen in a negative way, the more readily
the energy of the entire planet can change.

Thus, the idea is that, yes, there are shifts in your energy taking place,
both in you and in your planet, since in a sense you are one and the same
thing. Here and there, as you have experienced this day of your time, you
may see pockets of adjustment in your landmass, but it does not have to be
as devastatingly overwhelming as many of you used to fear it had to be.
You have already done much to change that energy; you have already changed
it in a positive way to a great degree -- just by being willing to
understand you do not really have to truly shake yourselves completely
awake. That is, if you are willing to wake up now, you do not have to
suffer and struggle and go through all sorts of negative trials in order to
wind up with the understanding you could have now: that you deserve
happiness; that you can create your reality to be whatever you prefer it to

*Choosing the Positive*

A lot of the idea of someone experiencing a transformation in a negative
way is that he is holding on tight to an old belief, and will not allow
himself to let it go and trust his natural flow; it seems to take that
degree of violence to make him break his grip. Sometimes an individual
will even take himself out of physical reality in order to allow himself to
start afresh. But he does not really die; nothing ever really does; it is
all eternal and infinite.

However, you don't have to struggle, and you don't have to suffer. Any time
you are made aware of an idea, and it is presented in a potentially
negative format, take it not as an absolute prediction chiseled in steel --
or neutronium, or whatever you may think is most difficult to change. The
idea is presented as an opportunity: "look," it says, "you can vibrate in
synchronous accord with the negative energy of this idea, this fear, and
attract yourselves to it and attract it to you. Or you can vibrate in
accord with the positive energy. Experience the opportunity, the
exploration, the excitement, rather than the anxiety and the fear, the
limitation and the segregation."

Whatever vibration you choose will be the reality you get. Remember, no
circumstance has built-in meaning; all situations are fundamentally neutral
-- blank, empty, zero -- zip, as you say. You give them the meaning.
Because of what you have been taught to believe these things mean, the
meaning you give it is the effect you get; /positive meaning in, positive/
/effect out/. Negative meaning in, negative effect out; simple physics;
simple mechanics. You experience the reality you are the vibration of; you
cannot experience the reality you are not the vibration of.

Q: But what about Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the others who are
predicting catastrophe?

B: There is no such thing as a prediction of the future. There is only a
sensing of the energy that is most prominent and probable to manifest /at/
/the time/ the prediction is made. There is no absolute future; it is only a
probability. When a prediction is sensed, the individual making that
prediction is sensing the energy as it lies, at that moment, behind
whichever idea has the most momentum and has the most likelihood of
manifesting, IF - important -- /if/ the energy doesn't change.

You always have the opportunity to change that energy. And in very many
ways the reason that predictions exist is to let you know where the energy
IS. Then if you don't prefer it being there, you change it. So
predictions, when they are understood for what they are -- rather than the
rigidized, unmovable structures many of you have been taught to believe
they are -- when they are understood for what they are, then you will
realize that a prediction, when it is made, and therefore, when it is known
in your consciousness, renders itself obsolete many times just by being

Let me stress that your awareness of where it lies, changes that energy!
Now if you don't prefer it to be there, you can do something about it,
because your consciousness is focused upon it. If you hear a prediction,
and you do not think you have the ability to change the energy -- if you
generate more fear -- then you reinforce the energy that the prediction
first picked up on, and make it more likely the prediction will come to
pass. But if you are willing to realize that a prediction in no way
determines that this is the absolute thing which must happen, then you can
understand you have a great deal of flexibility with regard to the

*Old Perspectives*

Also, any time a prediction is made, it is made within the context of the
time frame that it occurs in. Many ancient predictions, many ancient
sensings of the way the energy of the entire culture in which you exist was
to be experienced followed from a certain belief that existed in your
culture at that time. That belief, generally summed up is as follows: the
great transformations that were sensed that were going to occur could not
be understood as being able to occur without everything that already
existed coming apart first. So when those predictions were made, they were
made with the understanding and the belief that in order to experience the
transformation, things were to be absolutely destroyed to make way /for/ that

Now things do have to change, things do have to, in a sense, break down for
another reality to take its place. But that breaking down in no way must be
destructive; it can be creative. A breaking down can simply be the
willingness to allow something to change, rather than holding on to the way
you believe it must stay, then the situation -- then the culture, the
structure -- will break down. It will change; it will transform into the
type of structure that is capable of representing the transformation in a
less catastrophic way.

Therefore, any time you hear of these so-called predictions that are put in
that manner, it is your opportunity to realize that what you are being told
is, "Look, this is where your society is stacking all of its beliefs. It
is still running off of the idea that you cannot deserve ecstasy without
first going through a trial by fire." /But this is an old/ /perspective./
Your awakening to the understanding that you deserve happiness, in and of
itself, has already changed much of the original energy that was sensed
back then by those individuals. So now that you know you are made of love
and light and ecstasy, and that ecstasy and happiness is your birthright,
you now know you don't have to shake yourselves awake. You are waking up
/without/ that violent action. As was stated earlier, if enough individuals
in that area all realize collectively that they do not have to experience
catastrophe, then the energy of the entire area can change, and that
manifestation does not have to occur in that area at all. 'Tis up to you.

In fact, you are all now the funnels, the channels, the valves through
which that energy can be released and transformed in a positive way. You
can put that energy that was going to go toward that idea of breaking you
down in such a catastrophic way, shaking you up in a violent way -- you can
now put that energy toward constructive ideas. Any individual who knows,
beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he is waking up, that he does not have
to shake himself awake, will know that that experience is not something
that he needs in his reality. Therefore, even though there may be isolated
pockets around your world where individuals believe they must experience it
in that way, those who do not have that belief will no longer be in those
areas, as we have said.

Therefore, any time you hear one of those predictions, do not take it as an
absolute law of the universe: "This is chiseled in steel!" No, take it as
an offering, as an opportunity to examine where you are being told the
energy lies. And if you don't prefer it to be there, take it as an
opportunity to change it by doing the things that excite you in life, being
of service, and acting as if you know you deserve ecstasy.

*Channeled Predictions*

Q: Some of the channeled entities today are telling us about catastrophes
coming, and many people are in fear and panic.

B: Many of you have shared with us certain information being told to you
by various entities being channeled in your world, information delineated
in negative scenarios, negative aspects. And you are afraid these must
manifest through the idea of earthquakes, floods, famine, and much of the
like. As we have said, this energy potential does exist, but /only/ as a
potential. It may have a great deal of momentum behind it, a high degree
of backing behind it from your civilization, but recognize that -- not that
you are being lied to by these entities, for you are not -- but recognize
you are being allowed to see in these sharings that you have an opportunity
to decide whether what they say is true for you, in terms of what you know
you need to experience in the transformation taking place on your planet
right now.

Therefore, in each and every interaction that has ever taken place between
any of you and any entity coming through a channel, when you hear something
that does not strike a vibratory chord within you, do recognize that there
is no need for the idea of accusation from you to them. For all that is
being shared with you is a perception of an area in your civilization -- or
a potential reality -- that does have a great degree of momentum and energy
behind it ... due to the fears many of you generate. But if you are
willing to hear these words from entities who speak of the transformation
in catastrophic terms, if you are willing to hear them as an opportunity to
understand and reflect what you know to be true for you, then you can
utilize the situation. You can be an equal to them, and not continue to
feel that what you are being given as information is any more powerful than
the information you have within yourselves -- with regard to the reality
and a world which is, after all, yours.

If we may suggest, therefore, the following: if you find yourselves in a
certain scenario where such information is being imparted to you, and you
are willing to have conviction on it, this may be shared with that entity --
in the form of a letter perhaps:

*Dear Entity:*

I recognize that what you are sharing comes from your love for us, and your
desire to serve us and to allow us to expand in our awareness of the
transformation -- which is a reflection of all we have ever been and can

At the same time, I would now wish to share with you, dearest Entity, that
your sharing affords me the opportunity to recognize that the
transformation, in the terms of catastrophe you have delineated, is not the
reality I, as a co-creator of this world, prefer. I choose to give energy
to the idea that if I am willing to face all portions of myself, and accept
and allow all situations in my life to be of positive service, to be in my
life for positive reasons, that I can allow my experience of the
transformation to be one that is positive, and not in need of the
expression of catastrophe in order for me to understand myself and grow.

I recognize that expressions of catastrophe may be the only way some
individuals can believe a transformation will have a lasting effect.
However, do allow me at this time, dearest Entity, to ask for your further
love and your further assistance in suggesting to us ideas, ideas which
could allow us to assist our world, so that as many of us as possible can
now let ourselves also realize that there is no longer any need to believe
that transformations and changes of lasting positive effect must be created
through trials by fire.

I am willing to share that I believe ecstasy is our birthright. Will you
share with us your perspective on how we may accelerate, within ourselves,
to sufficient degrees, to allow there to be upon this world that we hold
dear, the smoothest, easiest and most loving version of the transformation
that can occur?

Thank you.

*What You Are*

Each and every one of you willing to utilize that situation, once again,
not in an accusatory way, but in a sharing way, in a convicted way -- to
stand up and make a difference, and be the individuals you know yourselves
to be and express what you know to be true for you -- each and every one of
you willing to utilize the situation as a reflection for that opportunity
will make a geometric, a logarithmic difference in the ability of your
entire world to allow its next step to be that much easier.

Even as a single individual you add that much energy to the momentum of
your ability to experience your transformation in a positive and loving
way. For you are energy, and experience it each of you will. You
yourselves are the experience you are having. All of the physical reality,
all of the emotional atmosphere, in which any particular manifestation or
experience does occur in your lives -- in a seemingly objectified manner --
all of that materiality, every subtle nuance, is all you, in different
manifesting reflections back to yourselves.

You have created the idea of yourselves to be physical reality, and there
are many manifestations of physical reality. But in this particular
manifestation of the idea you are being, you have been playing out, as your
particular unique physical reality, a great deal of separation and
negativity so that you could explore all of the ideas of what it means to
be limited, as we have mentioned to you before. Therefore, you have created
yourselves to be the idea of a reality whose only cognition, basically,
fundamentally, immediately, is a material reflection seemingly outside of
yourselves, so that you can feel as if you are in a material universe,
rather than knowing that the material universe is what you are.

That is what you are now beginning to explore within the idea of
integration. You are beginning to experience the integration, the blending
of more and more awareness of more and more of yourselves. You are
beginning to blend the dream imagination and physical realities into one,
to experience all the ideas of this transformation: the disorientation, the
confusion, the limbo state, the seemingly surrealistic attitudes and
atmospheres you encounter from time to time -- which allow you to feel
disassociated from the material physicality you have been used to
experiencing for so many hundreds of thousands of years.

Now you find yourselves integrating and beginning to see through the
illusion you have created of physical materiality. It has served you, and
served you well. But an illusion, a tool and a creation it is,

*Personality Construct*

We have said, many times of late in your time frame, that what you consider
to be your personality is an artificial construct, and is not who or what
you are. Recognize, therefore, that although you have created, for many
thousands of years, the idea that you are a humaniform existence,
understand that the idea of your humanity, the essence of what you are, is
not restricted to your humaniform existence. Begin to allow yourselves to
recognize that in a non-physical state you are not human; you are quite
something else. You are an essence, a primal idea of energy consciousness
-- a being or a soul, if you will -- which can project itself as basically
any form, any symbol, any idea it wishes to.

We know that your civilization, to some degree, does recognize, at least
intellectually, the idea that you are not human when nonphysical, and that
/humanity is only the idea of the physical/ /reflection of the soul./ But also
realize that many of you, because of the habit of being human, many times
may not realize that when you think of the idea of the disembodied soul,
you still find yourselves making the analogy that it is a human soul.

Understand that the soul, the energy essence, is /not/ intrinsically human.
Many different civilizations within the third/fourth density reality, which
you are experiencing, do have similar humaniform, or humanoid appearance.
From our perspective, in considering ourselves to be our own form of human
-- to us you are humanoid. Recognize however, that our soulness, your
soulness, is not actually human; it is an /essence/ which is above and
beyond, and which /transcends/ that limited definition.

Therefore, begin to understand that one of the reasons -- as you make the
shift from third to fourth density, and recognize more of your
consciousness to be what it is -- one of the reasons you are beginning to
experience many ideas which disorient you and confuse you, and do not seem
to fit into the structure you are used to, is because you are beginning to
view, from time to time, from a point of view that is not strictly human.
It is the essential viewpoint of the beingness, the consciousness you are,
which can be human /and/ many other things.

Recognize that you can begin to understand yourselves in this homogenous
sense as everything and nothing at the same time -- as a principle, as an
idea, as an essence. By simply allowing yourselves to view, from the
viewpoint of this essentialness of your existence, many of the things which
are now beginning to occur to you, in your transformation from third to
fourth density, may carry a new clarity -- if you allow yourselves the
opportunity to discontinue the limitation of expecting everything to make
sense in humaniform terms.

For the idea, or the projection, of your humanity has been a definition
which has served you and, in a sense, will continue to serve you through
the idea of your fourth-density experience -- although the type of humanity
you will be in fourth density is not the same type that you were in third.
You are rapidly evolving, once again, and you will find, to speak linearly,
that further on in the middle, and very much so toward the end of your
fourth density cycle, you will not be humaniform in the way you have
considered yourselves to be at all.

As you progress from quasi-planar physical reality to nonphysical
existence, going from fourth to fifth density, you will allow yourselves
the opportunity to experientially become the energy matrix of focused
consciousness within the homogenous energy field of All That Is that /you/
/actually are./ And the idea of expressing yourselves as humanity will be a
tool no longer necessary for your experience.

The idea of humanity, though well it has served you in this way, again, is
but another tool within which you have /clothed/ yourselves. It has suited
the purposes that you chose to explore and experience. But do recognize,
that as you all exist on many different planes of reality /simultaneously/,
there are many other guises that you also exist within that are human,
humanoid, /and not human at all./

By simply /shifting/ the perspective of your consciousness, as you make your
transformations from third to fourth density, you may even begin to
understand that, from time to time, as it suits you, there may be
opportunities to look even through the eyes of the aspects of your selves
that have nothing at all to do with humanity. For it will broaden your
perspective in many different ways. Though you will remain focused, for
the most part, in the idea of your humaniform fourth density existence --
as long as that suits the purpose of this fragment of your consciousness
that is channeling through the prism of this artificial personality
construct that you call your human body.

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