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Default Re: The PTB are up in arms over Avatar

Originally Posted by futureyes View Post
greed can become so self spiralling upon itself it becomes oblivious to anything beyond ...
and THAT ... will eventually be its demise.
My sentiments exactly futureeyes. That is what I find this kinda thing so interesting, I mean, we're witnessing it right now, they're in some sort of subconcious self destruct mode it seems. It's a very interesting time to be alive....

Originally Posted by futureyes View Post
yes raulduke ... let's package up tptb ... place a pretty bow on the box and send 'em elsewhere ... when shall we start ...
Post haste! We'll need a large, warm, safe, place where they can be confined and unable to rule..

I'm also for non-violent forms of torture, (for those with a revenge bone to pick): Let's say, hmmm, Dick Cheney forced to be the mc of a hippie music festival.
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