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Default Re: The PTB are up in arms over Avatar

Originally Posted by PilotSimone View Post
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp (owner of 20th Century Fox) has raked in $1.1 Billion for this film so far, so it doesn't make me feel so good on that level.

'Avatar' boosts all of News Corp
Hmmm, surprised nobody's saying much about this aspect. Murdoch's up there with some pretty bad dudes, he's probably the hardest driving force behind the 'internet 2.0' idea where nothing is free, subcriptions for everything etc.

I was actually expecting someone to suggest an ulterior motive in the film, as it was obviously green lighted by the higher ups, at which point I would offer a counter pov, but since no one has, I suppose I'll argue with myself!

The way I see it is, and I find this very interesting, tptb are figgin greedy as hell among many other character flaws, but greed is pretty high up there, and as long as it isn't blantantly obvious (metaphor, parody etc..) they seem willing to undermine their own (long term) survival in exchange for $$$$.

I wonder if we could just pay 'em all off and they could go live on mars or something.

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.....once you realize how things could be and how things actually are... you will want to leave this planet immediately.
Or get busy on Earth...
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