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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

This is only archieved to the public (for free)
for one more day

If you scroll down to the bottom of the link
you can listen to it on your computer. there are also ways of calling in but with different numbers for each state I think.
You can read about her at the link below too.
Pepper Lewis ~ The Gaia lady ~

Who is Gaia?
Gaia is everything that makes up the Earth including the space it holds in the universe as well as its relationships with other planets and stars.

Gaia is the soul of the planet.

Gaia spoke of 2010 being a solar year as time is a human illusion. She spoke of numbers being vibration and contain the solar aspect or the wind.

We were encouraged to not stand by watching others going by… that each of us will be called to join the human race. Some of us will finish unfinished projects, while others will have a need to do something.

Being on the sidelines is a way of being “in” the same ideas, but “living” is a state of self-discovery. We are encouraged to structure our lives in the direction in what real wealth looks like (wealth isn’t money).

Global needs will ebb and flow throughout this year… and this tidal changes will cause many to think there is a shortage of something or another. However, there is never a shortage; this is an illusion based on time and space.

Gaia spoke of staying clear of polarities, running from one extreme to the next (from the negative to the positive). She suggested we remain neutral because in this state brings greater ideas.

We need to be secure in the knowing that all is indeed well by drawing a breath. And if we believe that something is in short supply, we need to look for those things that are not in demand.

When one thing is invisible, something else will become visible.

Drawing a breath or pausing is a gift from the universe that we can move in without time because time doesn’t enter the equation of a paused moment as much… Gaia gave us the example of pausing a movie.

We need to momentarily extract ourselves from time in order to create.

2010 will be the year of elusiveness, and we shouldn’t get caught up in “patterns”. In fact, we should use these patterns to navigate ourselves to a safe place.

Recognize what’s taking place without getting attached.

2010 will also be the year of CHOICES. Instead of wondering what bad events are coming our way (i.e. the state of the economy, unending wars, etc.), we should hold our attention on the New Year with the same energy that takes place on New Year’s Eve. Where we are hopeful of new beginnings!

Gaia made clear that our recovery will happen when we start making… new choices. That all beings and all things can renew themselves… the choice to do so depends on how much willpower exists in us.

What an incredible call! Enjoy!

This is a call, worthy of listening too (will only be there, til Jan 9th/2010)
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