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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

wise words, from some of my friends, for 2010

Wishing you all an incredible and prosperous life
no matter what the rest of the world is up to .

Enjoy this empowering message below.

Love and Peace
David aka Sunwolf

"I invite you to welcome 2010 and to think of it as the year
in which you know without a doubt that you are not alone in your journey.
Feel the ground beneath your feet and know that it is an extension of your natural self.
Look at the sky above and remember that your soul is a wise being who knows the next step
as well as the way home.
The elements are your kin as are the kingdoms.
This year you will feel more a part of them than apart from them.
You may even have a more direct experience with them than you have had before.
Expect this to be a year of complementary companionship,
one in which you are joined by new energies and acquaintances or reunited with older, familiar ones.
Can you recall that same old wish that never seems to come true?
Wish again, as if for the first time.
It is a good year for second chances, and third or fourth ones too.
2010 is a year of reversals and renewals.
Trust in your ability to reverse something that did not go as planned.
Turn it inside out, on its head or on its side. Be willing to take a back step or side step (not backward)
in order to take a better step forward.
Let the laws of nature speak to you and for you as well,
especially if you lose or forget your authentic self or profound truth.
What you have earned is yours to keep and nature will return it to you.
Walk tall. Hold your head high and roll your shoulders back
so that you will receive the plentiful rays of the sun.
As a Family of Light you will emerge from the shadow of doubt in 2010.
Do not be timid.
Whenever possible walk with a light but certain step.
You will see that you are well accompanied!" ~ Gaia

(this sounds like Pepper Lewis, who channels, Gaia)
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