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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

(from 1999 forward)
(pre 1999-will be on a website link)

Rebecca J~was the one, who saved us, in The Ethers,
back on 10/25/2007
~when we attempted to merge, the future 9/9/9~
and, there is NO eXperience better, than, a 'real' one,
so, when things got dicey, we telepathed to Rebecca,
through The Elohim ... Many thanks, and, eternal gratitude to you,
and, your team ~ we would likely NO longer be here,
iF iT was NOT for, the call you answered, in our time of need,
that you understand, so, very well ~ you came in, along with the team,
and, gave us, an ethertic transfusion of energies, that re-started our heart,
it is with, eternal gratitude/and, eternal apage/love, and, many, many thanks, to you.

'M', who helped us, in so many ways,
there is, NOT enough space,
to relay, what he can do, and, KAN can do,
when we are all working as a team.
working with us/and, our team,
our eXchange is timeless...let us know, how to reveal you

also Gee Whiz, and, everyone at

also, Sal Rachele, going back to 1999-to present,
he is always there, doing an assortment of things,

along with, our friends, Kira Raa & Sri Ram Kaa
from 2005.

also, athene raefiel ( who did a rebirthing for us, in 2004

Also, going back, thanks to Yarbro, for writing "messages from michael"

Back into the 90's Shepherd Hoodwin (,
Emily (,
Nancy Gordon ( ang936(at)aol(dot)com,
Karen Murphy (
Troy (
& Dave Gregg ( "The MIchael Students"-too numerous to mention
although, the guidance of Kathryn & Ed, was always full of amasing stuff.

AND, ALSO going back, to 2006,
our sound encoding was redone,
by Peter Farley, of, and, was amasing,
and, we are eternally grateful to him, as, he made us, realise,
our true connection to 'three' of 'thirty-three' 3/33

and, to Mark David Gerson sound encoding
and, to Curtis Folts of (currently writing a book) chakra work
and, to Walks with Thunder (blessings)
and, to Annette ~ (insight)
and, to Karen Anderson of
and, to Kerrie O'Connor of
and, to Steven Hairfield of

(and, a few others-who still need to be listed)

and, to Angel-Light-Love, who assisted us,
with her chart making/and, her team, as, well, as, our own team
for breaking us free

and, to Suzan of - who by the
assistence, and, the help of "m"~he gifted us,
with the gift of true life, the re-birth, of our physical earth heart
in summer of 2009

(there are also, rafts of people, pre-2004)
which we will put up, on our website,

going back to summer of 1974~ in our 17th year, at 16
where we were forunate enough
to meet with JK & Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller

and, going back to summer of 1967-in our 9th year, at 8
we had a grandfather, who was a 32nd degree mason,
and, a great ufologist, who gave us, some master key books,
by charles f. haanel, and, some rare edmund shaftesbury courses,

TRUTH is, what iT iS

iT took us, over 33 years, to truly understand,
this journey of ours~
and, how iT iS that it dove-tails,
into all the other journeys,
we look forward, to sharing many things with all of you,
so, all of us, might make choices,
to discover, the truth, of The 'real" riSe in consciousness.

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