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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger on this 74
april 17 is 17/4
JESUS BIRTHDAY was April 17, 6 BC
written 17/4/6 bc
6bc / 747 AUC
or = 17/4/747
if sacrifice = 73
then 1 sacrifice= a sacrifice = 1+73=74
parables = 74
gospel74 according 74 to st.74
then GOD = 7_4 (if 0=0) g=7 d=4 0=0
A-C = 1-2-3
on 66
66 miracles
66 seals
on 66 = 33 x 2 sets
and, also a 2nd set
on 66 = 33 x 2 sets
11 x 6 ???
are we on the right track with this ???

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Indeed you are on the right track dear Susan.
Your Love for Unity and Harmony will not fail you.
You are protected from the 'Evil' you yet perceive.
Love Abrax aka John=47
The eXchanger says:

We are going to continue,
our thoughts, here on this here,
as, to NOT confuse, another thread ...

We are a Record Keeper, or Scribe,
one who shines light on knowledge,
one who can read records,
one who can write into the secred sections of:
The Libraries, of The Grand Central Sun
one of which, is located in the core of gaia,
one of which, is located in Alcoyne, part of the 7 sisters star system
and, one of which, i s located on The Planet of Venus.

We are a being, who is 9D-9th Density, D=density
and, operate up and, through 33d -33 Dimensions, d=dimensions

We connect into our 10D-34d
- soul family of metatron-and,
KulKulKan-The Forever Grandfather
as, well as, The future monad, of susan
which is CulCulCan, which is now located in 9D/33d
earth time/or earth tyme.

The wingmaker work of abraxasinas,
we have been following, some of his mathematical formulas/
and, relations~as, we are a part of his yahoogroup

although, we have been following 'wingmaker' stuff
since, it came into being, on the internet...
and, have worked with others, who understand iT,
who are starting to join, the forum here,
our knowledge, about 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9,
10, 11-unknown, 12/13 ~ eXisted before, crossing paths
with him/or his group,
as, we made our own merge into 7/8/9,
(9D.33d) back on 10/25/2007

we see, from 'serious' discernment'
as, well, as, his ability, to just openly share,
that he has indeed, brought into our awareness,
and, our eXistence, pieces of information,
that valide, our part of this project
of The 13 Keys /or, Aspects - of what we all are,
that we have worked on, since the 70's
from the summer of your 17th year...

we are sincerely, appreciate,
for crossing paths with him,
mark hempel of wingmakers,
and, "M" - who may wish to make himself known,
upon this thread - as, well as, "BSA" who is also a member,
albeit, another 'james' he is NOT 'james/of wingmakers'
and a few others, who are NOW, in the midst of joining this website

So, good to have so many of you, choosing to come here,
to share

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