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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

QUESTION: I hate my father, and, do NOT want to deal with him,
this is my last lifetime, and, i am NEVER coming back again

What you hate, you will get to eXperience,
over, and, over again, until you come into agape/or love with iT
and, oneness previals

If you have issues, with others, perhaps, othe races,
guess what, in your neXt life cycle, that iS eXactly what iT is,
you will become

If you believe, you are NEVER going to come back again,
likely, very likely, you will NEED to come back,
many more times, until, you do NOT need to state,
'i will NOT come back again'

many who do NOT need to come back again - COME

RIGHT now, this world, is full, of many
who fit the bill, for NOT needing to come back again,
but, are back again, due to WiLL leading THE WAY

HERE ARE SOME Things, for you to ponder
take what works, and, discard, the rest...
everything, is here to relate/and,
to have relations-and, real_iS-ons
with others ~ everyone is part, of a greater eXpression fo ALL

if, you do NOT choose to make peace with others/and,
with situations

if, you do NOT choose to revolve issues,
that are disturbing to both
you/and, your father ~ and, very likely, with others too

and, if, you do NOT choose to create/and, to co-create
a different set of circumstances,
that eXist between you/and, your father ~ and, others

The two of you, will indeed, have another cycle / or cycles
for even, if it does NOT appear to be eXisting
there is a thread of love between a father/and, a son~that eXists

and, although, there is NO DOUBT
most souls, have issues, with parents,
normally one, and, NOT both of them,
never-the-less, this is why you choose them

the lessons at the foot of a father, are, NOT nearly so harsh,
as, the lessons learned at the foot,
of a slave master/or task master...
both of you, choose these sets of circumstances,
to learn thru, and, to eXchange,
one to the other...

and, if, the two of you,
do NOT resolve it, in this lifetime,
as, father/and, son,
(for truly, there is NOT any father/son, mother/daughter relationship)
that does NOT have hidden down, deep inside of all eXchanges,
within this life cycle, and, within other life cycles,
there are many 'old strings' of hate/and, of love
and, if lessons, etc., are NOT learned within this life cycle
in the next lifetime, the lessons,
will NOT be of a father/and, son,
in fact, they may NOT be nearly so kind)

some people, do unto others, as, others have done unto them,
and, it could be said, they do NOT know any better

many people-beaten, by others ~ where they, themselves beaten

you will learn - both sides of all equations ~ the beater/and, the beaten

for that is a 'sad' truth

eventually, you arrive at a point,
where you are your own beaten/and, beater

in the journey thru life
this is why,
compassion/and, being compassionate, is so, important

what is NOT learned, thru lessons in this life cycle,
come back into play, in the next life cycle,
and, although they will be presented different/and,

they become, more, and, more difficult, to learn

in fact, they may, come in the way,
of outside, of a family unit,
and, be more of the order/and, the nature
of controlled/and, controller

similiar to the lessons of a master/slave,

if resolution, to this, and, to other issues,
you might have, are NOT discovered, NOR found,
the need to learn the lesson ~ iT iS eXists

there are 30+ monads, for souls, to eXperience together
until you work it out, and, end up,
with a love monad/or, a heart_link with another soul,
where, the two of you, have completed, each and, everyone of them,
you will cycle, and, cycle and cycle, with your father/and, other souls,
until you/and, them, get it right ...

So, rest assured, the thought/or thoughts of escaping this lifetime,
to avoid learning lessons, will NOT insure,
this life cycle, will end it all,
and, that this life cycle, will be the last, you will see of them,
as, the truth is, that, you do, still need to deal with this soul,
and, if NOT within this life cycle, it will be within, ones to come.

Have NO doubt, the things you hold issues with
they show up, in each, and, every progressive life cycle
until you deal with them, handle them, and, complete the eXchange.

Albeit, in the neXt cycles,
both of you, will be, within different forms/and, different sets of circumstances...they will eXist there, just, as you will eXist there.

Far better, to just release/forgive/and, let go,
of anything that disturbs you
(oft times, the things that disturb you, need your energy,
just, as, you need their energy - everything is a 2 way street)

When you give this, always, and, in all ways,
ask for the same in return,
remembeer what goes round, comes round ~
giving/and, receiving - are, really, one in the same
iT iS always those who give more, who receive more~
and, learning just this, in any life cycle, will bring about a great deal
of good and substanial eXchange, into your life cycle, that will be good

This life cycle moves into another life cycle
almost as if, you are moving from the bottom of a cone,
and, experiencing, the whole cone, from bottom, to top

The ancients drew pictures, such as, the one attached,
to express that thought

Think of the picture, and, each of the cones,
as, 1/12 of 12 grand cycles,
where the 'core' is the 13th
and, is the sum total, of all 12 grand cycles,
coming together, as, The 13Th Grand Cycle.

(insert picture--12 around 1=12/13)

you can find, although of brilliant info on ellie's site
at: something, a message, we were once given,
to relay to another person..was this:
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