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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

the next frog - is the 9 aspects ~ of YOU
(the physical/emotional/and, intellectual bodies-T1 1-2-3)
(the etheric/low astral/and, high astral) T2 4-5-6)
(the low causal, the mid causal/and, the high causal) T3 7-8-9)

and, on top of that
is The Higher Self Frog 7th Density
and, on top of that
is The Essence Frog 8th Density
and, on top of that
is The Monad Frog 9th Density

(you bring your levels of 1-6 in 2 flying triangles-and, protect them, so, nothing can get into them)

(then, you activate / or match up - 7 to 7 8 to 8 , and, 9 to 9)

1+9+3=13 aspects = to get to 9th density / 33rd dimension (in 3 matriXes)
/ 21st dimension (in 2 matriXes)
/ 9th dimension (in 1 matriX)

and, your heredity soul family from 10th density/34th dimension comes in through iT all !!!

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