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Default Re: Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can destroy

uk vs. usa

mUm - (open bowl)

mummy ~ is what was on princess di's flowers on her casket

mom - (closed off)

realiSe - forward sweeping 's'

realiZe - reversed energies in 'z'

(somewhere, in an old journal of someone else
i saw a reference for dad - or, father- as being: pup

(likely-since grandfather - was the elder)

pup - (open bowl) - is this why baby dogs; are called puppies ???

(it is a strange form, for dog)

pop - (closed off)

(something, some of us, utilise, for dad by calling him POP / or PUP)

there was a distinct reference to this word - within this journal

there are many eXamples
of 's' becoming 'z' in britsh to usa, translations ???

(far too numerous to mention)

also - here's another one

color vs, coloUr

(with the UK version - U / or YOU are still in it)

in the USA version - U - is out

a lot of curiousities within language

singular 'i' vs, the plural 'we'

and, you are NOT just '1' thing eXpressing
~ you are actually 13 things

eXpressing, as ONE completed unit,
which is part of the greater whole

(The collective consciousness of oneness)

they introduced words, like should/could/would

instead of the old writings, that had shall/can/and, will

or their equivalent

action words --- dumbed down ????

why is latin so precise / and, all the other languages - or at least
most of them, NOT so precise

old german is definitely different

and, when a lot of old latin/and, old greek got translated

it got translated wrong !!!

words are forceful / and, powerful things

albeit, silence is the greatest weapon of all

as, when you do NOT say anything ~
your mind, does NOT go out on parade

something, perhaps, to ponder
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