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Default Re: The best video on drugging up our children for profit for big pharma

Originally Posted by TruthWillSetUFree View Post
You are right about that in this documentary they said there is no ADHD it was all made up! They put them on drugs then the drugs start atrophy in their brains basically producing what exactly what they say the disease is doing but they are creating it with the drugs...just like they want to do by vaccinating us!

It is a very sick agenda and needs to be brought out into the light of Truth
Thankfully I don't live in the U.S.

Very far away actually.

Remember, American MSM broke that announcement, "swine flu state of emergency".

They always want us to focus on disease, and poverty, and insert subliminal images. As if promoting deadly vaccinations weren't enough they also want to control the imagery in peoples' minds.
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