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Default Re: Mammograms cause breast cancer, groundbreaking new research declares

Uncle John here: My sympathies to the ladies for the breast cancer thing.

The September 1997 Special 28th Anniversary Issue of Penthouse Magazine pointed out to me what a fraud the cancer industry is. I keep it on my desk to remind me everyday what a messed up world I live in.

I seem to be the only human alive that knows the why of the cancer fraud. It is not money!

The offworlders have orchestrated the human situation to create a vast pharma industry for their purposes. Seems like with the offworlder's group mind and conformity, they have lost the ability to do scientific exploration and research. They get humans to do this research and development for them.

The offworlders use mind control to cause us to ingest bad stuff into our body. Then they mind control us to use these bad techniques to attempt to prevent and cure ourselves of these created diseases.

Nobody is going to believe me on this. People just can't break free from the mental trap they are in. Ahmed Hulusi said it best: "One who cannot get out of the cocoon spun by their emotions, is called unaware." Guess where these emotions come from?

The answer my friend is blowin in the wind.

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