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Default Re: Mammograms cause breast cancer, groundbreaking new research declares

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Drink veggies juice like fresh greens and wheatgrass, apply wheatgrass poultice to breasts, eat or juice turmeric daily, avoid all boxed foods, all non organic foods and bodycare , massage the breasts daily and detox wisely by following specific fasts, cleanses etc;

I went for an ultrasound once a few years ago- instead they coerced me into a mammo. Then they told me I had ductal carcinoma of both breasts, they tried to coerce me into havging surgery to remove them (after I refused a biopsy) we got threatening phone calls from the medical staff at the hospital etc;

I told them to **** off , I was thrown into a total panic and went on a one month green juice fast which I repeated every few months , cleaned up some dental toxicity and used energy medicine to heal my breasts just in case they were right.

A friend was not so lucky....she went to the same docs at same hospital, they told her the same thing and several weeks later they cut off he breasts.

It's a total scam......the cancer industry.
I stepped off of the mammogram treadmill about 5 years ago...they were having me re-xrayed every 6 months and I finally said NO. I did get threatening letters from the hospital and my OB-GYN dropped me. I told them it's my body, and there was and is nothing wrong with it. I was furious...but it felt good to take my power back.

I rely entirely on nutrition, supplements and spiritual healing now...haven't been to a doctor since. I do wear a bra however. When you work in an office you kind of have to.
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