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Default Re: Mammograms cause breast cancer, groundbreaking new research declares

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post
The first thing I do when I come back home from take it off. I've never liked it, I am always uncomfortable wearing it, even the soft ones..
Hello Burgundia . Why wear it then? Or high hills, or all that sticky toxic stuff that You, beautiful creatures called Women wear on Your faces. You ALL are beautiful without that although some Men will probably disagree but that's in my opinion is the reason why You wear all that stuff that doesn't do any good to Your body, but only pleases some programmed little men. It's all in the mind programm. Man have been programmed (by who? anyone... any idea?) to go crazy in sight of a Woman with a certain type of barest (achievable by bras), certain type of face (achievable by the make up or a surgery) and she is usually tall. Women on their hand got their programming from already programmed Men. Some of You ladies have rather large breasts and say something has to support them. Then it has to be a very gentle devise made of some natural textile, but if You don't have tis "problem" why do You bother with bras?

With Love,
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