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Default Re: Mammograms cause breast cancer, groundbreaking new research declares

Originally Posted by waitinginthewings View Post
Eleni: sounds like they are lying to women just to give them surgeries and drugs to make money

Good for you Eleni for telling them to stuff it, & heal yourself. I wish more women would do this.

Yes, they do lie to Women and try to coerce them to have surgeries and other "treatments". They actually do this to Women, Men and Children. Look at the gull bladder industry... how many people do they butcher after convincing them that that little organ is absolutely of no importance and thousands of Us live without it and have no problems. Or dental industry for that matter. As for ribbons that make many of You guys sick to your stomach I share the same feeling, in fact all of the ribbons especially Support Our Troops ones. The thing is I do ask them sleepwalkers whenever I can about the reason for sticking those things to their cars, and what exactly do they support, and no surprise there - " I don't know.... aaa... ooo.. well, those are our soldiers... ahhaaoo.. we just have to support them.. aaa.. " Sorry friends, I kind of drifted off the topic, didn't I .

I Love You all.
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