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Default Re: Monsanto et al write up a 'food saftey bill' in the USA

Originally Posted by Carmen View Post
Do people in the US protest against this sort of thing, or do they just go along with it? They tried to pass a bill in New Zealand last year, which would mean that many natural products and remedies would come under the pharmaseutical banner or be banned. There was much protest and it was thrown out in the meantime. People need to stand up against such insane legislation

This bill in the US seems to be in line with the dumbing down/controlling of the nation.

I personally do not think it is just happening here. Yes, many many of us have protested and started purchasing our food through the organic farmers which I now see they plan on surpressing. They want to impose huge taxes on all who grow their own food even small gardens.

I wish more would stand up and tell them where to shove their fines / taxes and punishments

I asked my daughter if she thought it was just OK for them to poison our food and why more didnt protest it

Many petitions have been circulated and sent in but just like everything else, they are buried under the rubble at the white house
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