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Default Re: Monsanto et al write up a 'food saftey bill' in the USA

Monsanto's Dominance Draws Antitrust Inquiry

Today, most of the nation's two primary crops are grown from genetically modified seeds under Monsanto company patents. That breaks down to 93% of soybeans, and 80% of corn.

Prices for these seeds have been steadily increasing over the last decade, almost doubling their cost of ten years ago. These pricing issues have also raised problems for competitors who claim that Monsanto has ruthlessly stifled them. U.S. antitrust investigators are now looking into the actions of Monsanto.

Despite outcries from a number of farmers and competing companies, Monsanto is claiming it has done nothing wrong. Although, in Monsanto's eyes, it is just capitalism, many others, including small farmers, see hints of corruption. Although the small farmers are seeming to catch the brunt of the corruption, the company DuPont (a Monsanto rival) is pressing the antitrust investigation.

According to DuPont's court documents "Monsanto has abused its unlawfully-acquired monopoly power to block competition, thwart innovation, and extract from farmers unjustified price increases of over 100 percent in recent years."

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