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Default Re: Continental Congress 2009

Originally Posted by happyhollergal View Post
I wonder the same thing. I have a huge interest in restoring the Constitution and keeping the federal government as it was intended to be.
Thank you. Itís good to hear from a kindred spirit.

Originally Posted by happyhollergal View Post
Even if Illuminati/Freemasons were some of the founding fathers, not all of them were, and the Constitution is based on fairness.
I did research when I was posting on the ďUS ConstitutionĒ thread.

According to a website of a person who claims to be a Freemason, only about a third of the signers of the Constitution were Freemasons. And this person said that there was no evidence that the father of the Constitution, James Madison, was a Freemason.

But I feel that even if Freemasons did most of the composition of the document, so what? Canít we independently see itís a work of art and take possession of it as our own at the grassroots level? It provides for a separation of powers, calls for the people to be in control of currency and the military, limits power, and guarantees civil liberties.

Originally Posted by happyhollergal View Post
I'm a proud supporter of Ron Paul and his integrity.
Have you heard him talking about Continental Congress 2009 at all?

Iím not sure about Ron Paul. I think it is probably true that he is a 33rd degree Freemason himself. And I wonder about the quest to ďauditĒ the Fed. It seems that we should be ending the Fed instead, so I wonder whether auditing the Fed is a distraction.

Originally Posted by happyhollergal View Post
But we can still hope that REAL change will one day come.
I am encouraged by the fact that the delegates to the Continental Congress 2009 are putting their time and effort into trying to clean up the huge mess that weíre in. I believe 46 states are represented. Iíve listened to them debating during sessions and being interviewed informally while theyíre at recess, and I have hope that something good will come out of this 2 week event.

The event and the webcast of it is intended to educate the public. There are several speakers scheduled as well as the sessions of the delegates. The idea is to get the public involved. This Congress is only step one.
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