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Default Re: Continental Congress 2009

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
Did you notice on the website there is a letter to Ron Paul? Here's the link:

To my knowledge, Ron Paul is not supporting the Continental Congress 2009. Neither is Alex Jones as far as I can tell, which puzzles me quite a bit.
No, I hadn't noticed it. Thanks. Maybe the situation is different for Ron Paul because he already is a Congressman. (?) And Alex Jones, I read him a bit and watched Endgame. Even Michael Moore is on the same page, in a lot of ways, with his new film Capitalism: A Love Story. (He said, 'Democracy is not a spectator sport' about it in Italy.)

Sometimes in Canada, broad coalitions are thrown together, so that's why I wonder. And, speaking of Italy, it has 5 parties and another 18+ that do their political thing only in coalitions.
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