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Default Re: Questions About Henry Kissinger

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that people were killed but more of than were killed after the war. I believe in my heart that they died of starvation and desease just as they are trying to do again here around the world. The very same thing that they are doing in other 3rd world countries all over.

Its no different. How many have died in Iraq ? Darfar ? Russia ? China ? Germany ? Always genocide pure and simple

All I am saying is that Israel has collected on these deaths for years and years. Maybe I'm wrong but are not these the very same people doing the same killings today ?

My heart grieves for all that have died. What the leader of Iran is saying, there were not 6 million Jews.............and I agree. ...
As these people are professional liars, proven in thousands of cases, we cannot put any base on their word, agree with you. Of course that they maybe cooked the books, maybe put the deaths of other nationalities into their account, who knows, but is not accurate to say now, it didn't happened. I'm sure that was happened, also there are also historic proof beyond discussions. Numbers can be different but that not change the atrocities happened there. They were killed on purpose, not indirectly because the war. Of course many more died indirectly because of famine, disease, etc but this is other issue. Hope that I could contributed with little in helping you understand some of this, which is the most important problem of our times!
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