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Default Re: Questions About Henry Kissinger

Originally Posted by artvision View Post

In November 1942, Rabbi Weismandel negotiated a deal with the Nazi government to have all the Jews in Western Europe and the Balkans released out of Germany for a mere 2 million dollars. Weismandel sent a courier to the Rothschild-led World Zionist Organization in Switzerland. The request was refused with a message for him... "If we do not sacrifice any blood, by what right shall we merit coming before the bargaining table when they divide nations and lands at the war's end? ....for only with blood shall we get the land."

People indeed died! Of all nationalities died there. Jews, Polls, Gypsies, Germans, Czechs, Russians, Romanians, etc. God have mercy on them all. Nobody, no human being deserves something like that!

But we know who are to be blamed! Nazi were just mere tools, killing machines, as today you see on G20, brutes dressed in black, no brains, that take by the face a lady thrown off her bicycle and then smacked her by the walkway. We should know those that send the orders and those above those give the orders!

Humans are used against humans, for future promises of sharing power and prestige with the Master's race, until all human race is subdued. Then the "tools" will be discarded as being of no use more to the ultimate masters. That will be their treason payment, for stabbing in the back their fellow humans; but they are blinded per now and cannot see nor conceive that. Some of them did realize, had the outmost courage and come in help of humanity, being of more help than many. Is also very difficult for whistleblowers, either. How come one not to appreciate most, these persons, which risking life's, fortunes, family just to avert others? We should praise them much!
Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that people were killed but more of than were killed after the war. I believe in my heart that they died of starvation and desease just as they are trying to do again here around the world. The very same thing that they are doing in other 3rd world countries all over.

Its no different. How many have died in Iraq ? Darfar ? Russia ? China ? Germany ? Always genocide pure and simple

All I am saying is that Israel has collected on these deaths for years and years. Maybe I'm wrong but are not these the very same people doing the same killings today ?

My heart grieves for all that have died. What the leader of Iran is saying, there were not 6 million Jews.............and I agree.

I hold the people at the G20 very highly and pray to keep them safe as I know why there are there. They are doing what they can to make a point. I actually think it went very well that I could see so far. The protesters stayed their distance. I blame the infiltrators for any damages.
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