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Default Re: Questions About Henry Kissinger

Originally Posted by happyhollergal View Post
For some unknown reason, a question has been nagging me, so I figured I'd bring it here to pick the brilliant brains of Avalon. Is there some reason why most of our US presidents have continued to keep Henry Kissinger at the topmost levels in our government? Whether Democratic or Republican, our presidents have had this guy forever, and it just makes me wonder what it is that keeps him running our policies, when their are surely many other corrupt folks to take his place. What is it that he holds over our head to keep him in power? Why is he never prosecuted for his dirty deeds? Is everyone afraid of him? He's never been elected to a position, yet he appears in nearly every administration since Nixon at least. I found this video, not sure of it's truth value, maybe you can share some of your knowledge with me on this.
He, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski (Big "O" Godfather) are the pillars of NWO in US! Has been involved in so man dark and macabre secrets and millions of people dead or relocated, maybe more than all the recent presidents altogether. (less maybe than papa bush)

A few links:

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