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Default Re: Florida Town Told To Arm Themselves!

Originally Posted by peaceandlove View Post
Blessings NorthernSantuary,

On labor day I heard a Florida State Park Ranger speaking about the Castle Doctrine in regards to self defense rights.

Here are a couple links regarding the law.

You cannot shoot someone outside of your home or car, even if they are merely touching it. You can only defend yourself with your gun once they have attempted to enter your space.

Florida "Castle Doctrine" Protects the Innocent
I don't advocate what I am about to tell you, but more than one officer told my mother when we were kids and my dad was out to sea that if an intruder comes into our home to shoot them on sight, and to keep shooting them because if they are not dead it causes trouble.

You do have the right to defend yourself outside of your home or car if you are being threatened. The caviat is that if they turn around you better not shoot no matter what they have done. One man caught an intruder who broke into his house and was upstairs raping his 12 year old little girl. He lost his house to the criminal after he shot him and the guy fell out the bedroom window and was paralyzed. Oh, that reminds me, the cops also told my mom back then that if the criminal managed to get outside to drag them back into the house.

Odd world we live in sometimes. I don't expect trouble, and I haven't had any, but I still own weapons, insurance, spyware, spamware and virus detectors.

I have a problem with the idea that if you have a means of protection that you are somehow feeding a paradigm of violence. Weapons are not violent in and of themselves. People who use them can be.

I also have a problem with the notion that people who buy lottery tickets are somehow taking on all the bad energy of those who did not win. To me that would be the same as anyone who gets a job is taking on bad energy of everyone who didn't get that job but wanted it. If you buy a ticket you have just that, a ticket. You take on whatever energy you allow yourself to take on, it's that simple. We each have free will, and no matter how spiritually evolved I may be, I doubt everyone else in the world will evolve the same. Some are lower spiritually and some are higher. We are each where we need to be.
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