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Default Re: Florida Town Told To Arm Themselves!

The laboratory manufactured influenza or other desease are not the only reason for keeping weapons at home . People should think about the following scenarios . It is entirely my speculation

1) Forced vaccinations for lab manufactured flue and other deseases ..
2) Forced vaccinations linked to a certificate that allows access to bank money for each adult . No certificate no money withdrawal .
3) The dollar collapse , a bank holiday is declared and when some banks re-open ,a new currency will be in place and the old dollar is no longer legal tender .
The exchange rate for the new currency will be 10 old bucks for 1 of the new . A new device to fleece the population legally .
4) The dollar collapse and the shelves of the supermarket empty. The police does not turn up for work because the cops are busy looking for food for their families ... the low life motto will be " A gun can get you food " .

Is this a scenario out of MAD MAX or a real possibilty ? People should be ready for the worst . The criminality of the ones in charge has no limits ... we have seen it over and over .... 1.3 Million dead in Iraq are recent testimony .
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