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Default Re: Things falling off the wall?

Originally Posted by Sarahmay View Post
My husband once brought home an antique wall clock, and from the second I saw it it gave me the creepiest feeling! He hung it securely on the wall, and in the middle of the night it leapt from the wall onto the floor (carpeted, so it did not break).

I asked very nicely to get that haunted thing out of our house, and he sold it the next day.

What is happening to you sounds like it might be your own kinetic energy manifesting. Are you feeling unsettled?
Many years ago I read something about kinetic energy. Think its time for me to research the subject again. I have been trying to sell my home since last year, but no luck. I put it down to a bad economy, very few homes are selling in my area. Also, I'm at a loss to know where to go if my home does sell.

I have heard stories like yours before, that is definitely creepy.
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