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Default Re: More and More Stealth Cell Towers and Stealth uses

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
I understand but what do you propose we do about this? Ban cell phones altogether? It wouldn't work. I don't use the phone part of my blackberry and I keep it turned off most of the time. It does not affect the social structure and it actually serves to help me plan things with friends to where we can get together and socialize MORE. I do not text while driving either.

Again, good points but I'm not sure what would solve this problem. If the government banned cell phones outright, people would not be able to communicate violence and protests and such using their cellphone cameras, etc.
I would not mind at all if cell phones were banned. They already have patents in place to make them safer, but the way they are set up that is not the purpose to be safe. Before television and phones I would imagine people actually talked more and interacted more. I certainly find that the case.

I think there would be less violence if there was more personal as opposed to impersonal contact with people. Perhaps a return to more courteous interaction, in full sentences as well. The friends I have that are teachers say it is a growing problem.

There are things called cameras that do not have to be attached to radiation devices to capture the violence and protests.I found the occasion one time with a gang of kids engaged in a fight that instead of capturing the moment on film, I stepped in with communication and asked them to stop and they did. I really did not see it as a Kodak moment

Better yet some things can be voted with the dollar or with holding of it. I will not spend my money on such a device that there is so much evidence of the harm it could cause. Unfortunately as I say others choice of this product then exposes me to some extent as well. Some will say they could not live without one, when it may very well be the reverse.
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