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Default Re: More and More Stealth Cell Towers and Stealth uses

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
I understand the opinion on cell phones. However, I use a blackberry mainly for text messaging and it's useful when I'm out on the road and I need help. It's much easier to stay in touch with people.

I don't like unsightly cell towers either but I live in a state where they're very strict about putting anything up. You cannot put billboards up in this state and cell towers are harder to build. Reception is good enough so I'm not sure why more towers would be needed.
I have never had an issue arranging my social life without one. It was not about the look of the towers that are being put up in camouflage fashion, it is not about reception either that was not the point of the thread, it is about the effects of the towers and what they are doing. This thread is about awareness.

I see so many threads on here ranting I will not take a vaccine , I will not be chipped, when many are carrying the fricking mark of the beast already that they hold in their hands and hold to their heads in the form of a cell phone.The cell phone is the transition tool , it always was. Everything they worry about a chip doing a phone does and more. Cell phones tell where you are, and subjects the body to toxins and possible extermination, and radiation. The same as a chip it could be a quick or long death but it is still a death, a cell phone has the same capabilities. Or it could just be used in combo with other things to weaken the immune and reproductions systems.

The theory that your accounts could be tampered with or frozen with the chip is not valid as that can be done now anyway with the electronic banking system, it would be more efficient cut at the source and not the chip anyway. They would not need to go to someone's chip for that, So that covers all the things that a chip or a vaccine could do.

Here are the things a chip or vaccine might not be able to do that a cell phone can. A phone now can eavesdrop, tell where you are, who your with, access your computer ,all your codes, pictures, modify behaviour, can access your banking codes if blackberry and computer linked. Phone elbow is now more common than tennis elbow, and finger problems from texting.

It seems to me apparent that for all the worry about chipping, what was so clever is they got cell phone users to pay for their own monitoring devices in the form of the infrastructure, the cell towers that they would need for any kind of chip and other monitoring and other transmissions to be put out there. But the phone is far more dangerous than the chip could ever be, the capabilities for monitoring are far greater, and people use it with their own free will. Billions of dollars were saved by having this intentional bridge to actual implants in place and paid for by willing customers and the unwilling people are now exposed to second hand radiation from being in the close proximity of cell users, and by the towers.

Some of the social problems I see is people do not talk as often with the people they are with. I consider this to be rude. Phones going off in movies, theaters, yoga classes, restaurants, or when guest in other people's homes, I find an infringement as they frantically try to find the phone that should have been turned off in the first place. Worst yet ignoring who they are with and conversing with someone somewhere else.Below are a few sentences and a link to follow with the complete story.

Cell Phone Companies and Security

This is a fascinating story of cell phone fraud, security, economics, and externalities. Its moral is obvious, and demonstrates how economic considerations drive security decisions.

Susan Drummond was a customer of Rogers Wireless, a large Canadian cell phone company. Her phone was cloned while she was on vacation, and she got a $12,237.60 phone bill (her typical bill was $75). Rogers maintains that there is nothing to be done, and that Drummond has to pay. continued on the link

The myth and the marketing to make people believe they are safer because of a cell is fatally flawed.Here's some links to security issues which are growing not shrinking.
The same technology that lets you stay in touch on-the-go can now let others tap into your private world ó without you ever even suspecting something is awry.
Eavesdropping is easy. All it takes is a two-minute software install and someone can record your calls and monitor your text messages. They can even set up systems to be automatically alerted when you dial a certain number, then instantly patched into your conversation. Anyone who can perform a basic internet search can find the tools and figure out how to do it in no time.

But the scarier stuff is what your phone can do when you arenít even using it. Letís start with your location.
Is Someone Keeping Secrets from You?
Reveal All with the Worlds Most Powerful Spyphone
Download FlexiSPY spyphone software directly onto a mobile phone and receive copies of SMS, Call Logs, Emails, Locations and listen to conversations within minutes of purchase.
Catch cheating wives or cheating husbands, stop employee espionage, protect children, make automatic backups, bug meetings rooms etc.

But today, weíre taking on a different kind of underused force in your phone: its ability to keep your family safer. Weíve seen how cell phones can be used to let other people spy on you. This trick, though, turns the tables and lets you watch them.(except what you install for you can easily be hacked and now your set-up opens you up to others, I am not just talking TPTW.)

1 Beware the Virus

The cell phone is nothing less than a simplified computer. Combine this fact with the number of cell phones that are out there, and you have an attractive target for an attacker.

2 New Technology Problems

Thanks to the rapidly changing technology, the cell phone market is chock full of all kinds of new and interesting perks. Camera phones, MP3 players, and more can be added to make your mobile experience all the more interesting. Unfortunately, these same features can bring with them some nasty side affects.

3 Trusting Your Cell Phone Company

When you sign up for a phone service like T-Mobile and you purchase one of their costly Sidekick devices, you wouldn't expect to find you personal pictures online. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Paris Hilton found. As it turned out, T-Mobile stores the pictures she takes on their server. Someone figured out how to get to this information and the pictures ended up online, along with her task list, address book, and more. (Remember these are young kids working)

4 Stolen/Lost Phone

Cell phones are small. This is one reason they are so popular. Unfortunately, small things have a way of getting lost or stolen. This threat is obvious, and the solution should be equally as obvious, but is ironically rarely employed

5 Privacy

When you make a call on a cell phone, do you talk about things that might be best kept person to person? I regularly hear people talking about all kinds of personal subjects on these mobile devices. Passwords, credit card numbers, and more are all routinely discussed. Why is this a security issue?

6 VoIP, Caller ID and Voice Mail

Voice over IP is a growing phenomenon, as are its security issues. With a little time and a solid understanding of a VoIP system, it is easy to target phone systems and trick them into passing fake information. This could be as simple as changing the caller ID number listed with the phone call, or as dangerous as being able to bypass security checks and accessing a mobile phone users account.

7 Wi-Fi Fallout

Wireless networking has created several loop holes for phone users. Thanks to VoIP protocols, many new phones are supporting the technology to make free 802.11 calls. This is great, but you need to be aware of the dangers of using 802.11 to pass any information.

8 Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows local devices to create a small network through which information can be passed. When it comes to cell phones, this information usually consists of addresses and small files. Unfortunately, if the Bluetooth settings are not correctly applied, an attacker can retrieve address book, call history, and more from a target phone. In addition, viruses have been seen in the wild that have been able to reproduce over the Bluetooth connection. To avoid these problems, simply disable the Bluetooth component of your device until you need it.

9 Big Brother

When you make a call, your phone must find the local tower and establish a wireless connection. While this is a necessary part of the communication process, it does make it easy for various three letter agencies to track your movements. If needed, authorities can use a triangulation process to find your position down to several feet. Combine this with the fact that some phones include GPS system, and you now have a true Orwellian tool.

Now, this is a bit on the paranoid side, but 911 uses this same process to locate people who call them and then are disconnected. What is to stop someone else from doing the same to track and/or locate your position? If this is something that concerns you, turn off your phone, remove the battery, and wrap the phone in tinfoil.

Cell Phone Radiation, Driving, and Manners

Not all problems related to cell phones are tied to digital security (OK, so I needed one more item to make it an even ten). It would not be a top ten list if you did not include the dangers associated to radiation and cell phone manners.

Cell phones emit energy when establishing a connection. Energy in the form of radio waves is also known as radiation. Radiation can cause problems with cells in your body and lead to nasty things like cancer. The true danger of the problem is related to the amount of power and the frequency of the radio signal. To put this in non technical terms, the only difference between a cell phone and a microwave is the amount of energy used to create a signal. No one in their right mind would stick their head in a microwave! So, keep this in mind and use the antenna. It serves to keep your head out of the way of the signal, and thus keeps the signal out of your head.

Next we have to address the whole driving while talking on a cell phone problem. It is illegal in some areas, and generally frowned upon in the remaining. Fortunately, there are many accessories that can eliminate the dangers related to holding the phone up to your ear (i.e. ear piece, speaker phone, car phone systems).this last statement has since been refuted in several science articles stating that the attachments do not make a significant difference in safety.

Finally, it wouldn't be a top ten list if we didn't mention cell phone manners. Not that this is a security issue, unless you consider being targeted with angry stares and insulting comments a problem. Just keep in mind the golden rule (treat others as you want to be treated) and everything else will fall into line.

Something I find very disturbing is the sales job or how your kids will be safer, when it is proven that it is not so. Not that just observation would point that out on the streets and sidewalks.
Cell Phones Dangerous For Child Pedestrians, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2009) ó Children who talk on cell phones while crossing streets are at a higher risk for injuries or death in a pedestrian accident, said psychologists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in a new study that will appear in the February issue of Pediatrics.

Specifically, it took the children who were on a cell phone 20 percent longer to begin crossing the street, and they were 43 percent more likely to be hit by a vehicle or have a close call in the virtual environment. In addition, the children looked both ways 20 percent fewer times before crossing the street and gave themselves 8 percent less time to cross safely in front of oncoming traffic when they were on the cell phone.
ďCell Phones have been linked to harassment and sexual exploitation of both children and adultsĒBut there are some dangers associated with cell phones too. When you give a cell phone to children, you made them accessible to everyone. Besides, you most consider that most of the time, they will be out there without the parental supervision.

What I see is the cell phone like the television is used as an electronic babysitter, and a very poor substitute for parental interaction.

All health effects are more pronounced in children, and the longer the use the more the problems compound.

Here is a new health problem coming from cells
Are You Allergic to Your Mobile?

Move over brain cancer and cellular tower fears that could cause other unspeakable trouble to oneís health. And forget about the bacteria that might be living on your phone, because while thatís nasty to think about there is something potentially far worse. The new concern, according to a new article on WebMD, is that mobile phones could be the cause of some skin allergies.

Last week the British Association of Dermatologists issued a warning to doctors regarding skin allergies caused by a bit too much contact with mobile phones. British dermatologists are calling it "mobile phone dermatitis." And it isnít that the gabbing on the phone was the problem, rather it was the materials in the phone, namely nickel. The symptoms could be red or itchy skin on your cheek and ear, or for heavy texters, red and itchy fingers. But in fairness, after too much texting your fingers might turn red anyway!

So is this a real concern? Well, according to the findings from some universities 10 out of 22 devices have nickel (and not of the wooden variety of course). The dermatologists who conducted the study recommend nickel-sensitive people (which is a very common thing) to spot-test cell phones for nickel using a consumer test kit. The good news is that even phones that have nickel donít necessarily have it in areas where youíre all that likely to be exposed.

The Canadian Medical Association's journal, CMAJ states that, "Cell phones intended for rugged use ... often have rubber coating and no surface nickel. Those with more fashionable designs often have metallic accents and are more likely to contain free nickel in their casings."

Various makers of headsets, wired as well as Bluetooth models, of course were quick to jump on these findings to suggest that a headset could spare you from the nickel exposure. Thatís good news for allergies, but isnít the jury still out on the potential hazards of Bluetooth devices? And how do we know the headsets are free of nickel? After all, itís always something.

So to sum it up I feel as if it adds up to some very conclusive evidence that cellphones cause damage to the health, cause more deaths through accident than they save by quicker response time, allergies, open you to radiation which can effect your reproductive system, opens people up to more sexual predation (particularly children), opens up a myriad of security issues for your banking, home, computer, and that basically it is the same as being chipped but worse. That now a whole infrastructure has been paid for in the form of towers stealthily put up everywhere, so that if they take a step to implant the system is in place, but in reality the cell phone is worse to have in your possession than a chip because it has far more ranging implications.

I could probably come out with some articles written or paid for by the cell companies, just like the vaccine companies or the chip companies that would use propaganda and sales techniques to get you to believe how safe they are and how a cell would make you safer but I do not think you would fall for it. This is just information to ponder it is not about fear, just reality of choices we make because of brilliant marketing.

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