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Default Re: More and More Stealth Cell Towers and Stealth uses

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
Sorry if it sounded that I was trying to contradict you I was not. I agree with everything you have said.

I use my cell phone infrequently but I do have it on me while I am at work. I had a cellphone way back from the start of the idea, when it was the size of two house-bricks and had a proper handset with a curly wire I guess I got used to it then.

Thanks for taking the time to post all those pictures as well - they do ram the point home well.


Yes, I did post a lot of pictures. I found it fascinating all of the clever, some beautiful, some grotesque but the bottom line is the deception of the stealth and the many implications. Promise not to post as many pictures in the further posts on the subject, besides I am almost out of pictures

I just wanted more food for thought out there as to some of the reasons and to get some thinking going about the agenda of it all. I am working on more now and to further answer the question of what the big deal is besides ,most agreeing that is does damage to the brain there is much more
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