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Default Re: More and More Stealth Cell Towers and Stealth uses

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post

the fact that you had poor reception means that your cell phone was also using more power to try to reach the cell tower. (The radio equivalent of shouting louder).

This could explain why you noted exagerrated effects.

If you had had good reception, the phone would not have had to "shout" so loud and you may not have noticed the effects. (Also the battery would last longer!).

Not that any of this makes them a good thing - I am not making excuses. The Cell companies use all the same tactics as tobacco companies - and a large swathe of the western world uses them (me included ) - they are so convenient!

However something to note if you are in a remote location!

I did not use the cellphone for the short time I had it in the area where I live as I have a land line, so the "exaggerated effects" is invalid. Some people are just more sensitive and notice effects more than others. Hence me giving up the phone for those reasons, not the reception which had nothing to do with it at all. Battery life would have been no concern of mine either, nor did I find it necessary or convenient to have one. As I stated in the first few sentences of the thread, I could feel the effects of the phone, which were not pleasant so choose to give it up especially after some research on them.

I think you missed the point as I was happy there were not cell towers in my area, till recently. They slid them in by stealth form in a local church tower and cross. What I object to is that I am being bombarded with waves of energy that I do not wish to be exposed to, they are not being just used as cellphone towers and transmissions, there are add ons of other forms as well.

Just as Haarp is being used for other purposes than what is stated, so are the cell towers. When they wished to know where people were in times past, keep an eye on them, control, listen to what they said,see who their friends were, subdue them , they would imprison them and put them in a tower in a cell.

I do not see this as much different. Now one is imprisoned by the cell they carry with them, and the tower controls their cell activity. Now they know where you are, who your friends are, what you think and say, and now with picture phones know what your friends look like, where you are going, etc, etc. They have really improved the nature of the cell and the information and results they get from it since the Tower of London, with its cells.

Now when people are out they do not talk to who they are with they are to busy talking to someone elsewhere further breaking down the social structure, causing more auto accidents and deaths, all the time being exposed to waves that have been proven from the start to cause issues in tissues.

I hear a lot of talk about "I will not take the vaccine" for fear of what it would do to ones health, yet I see choices for convenience to continue to use something, a cell phone, which I feel adequately proven to cause many forms of cancer, particularly of the brain one of the more tenacious forms. Sleep disturbances, hearing problems, and the little matter of heating delicate brain tissue is bothersome to me as well. The matter of safety on the road from people talking or worse yet texting while driving is matter of concern as I have had several close calls with distracted drivers on a cell.

I have a choice of not taking the vaccine and having it put into my body. But for convenience sake of others my choice of being exposed to cell towers, although I do not want and would not choose to have a cell phone receiver, I am still exposed to the waves being broadcast from them so still have some exposure though not as great.

Right now there is a known factor going on and little is done, which has far more reaching consequences and control of ones life than a vaccine. Yet we expose our children daily at schools, churches and every corner of the planet with cell towers. They even put one on Everest. Which is why the PTW have more confidence to push for something else which is will not be healthy for anyone, the vaccine, and most people will go along with that being more convenient to do so, rather than looking at the consequences of their actions and the long term implications of it.

One of the major selling features of having a cell phone was fear, having one for safety reasons. Parents blindly buy them for the children although in many countries it is advised for children not to have them. I am sure they have saved some lives, but what has been the cost? How many lives were taken? Just as other things are hidden in the vaccines, I just would like to keep my eyes open to all avenues of things that are used to put things into our bodies and right now the cell towers are carriers of many ills and control.

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