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Default Re: More and More Stealth Cell Towers and Stealth uses

Newest wrinkle in moving administrators is by threatening to pull children out December 16, 2008
MARSHALLTOWN, IA - Although six weeks ago the Marshalltown Community School District Board of Education approved a cell site at the high school football field, community members addressed the Cell Tower Lease board yesterday in hopes of a reversal of the decision.

One area resident asked the board why they would "take this chance with the lives of children."

She also appealed to their budget needs by inferring that some parents might have their children open enroll out if the structure is built, which is about $5,000 per student yearly.

The money the district would get from U.S. Cellular, $2,000 per month, might not make up for the loss of money if enough students open enroll elsewhere.

fire tower to fire your brain cells

More pictures in the gallery on this site that designs and installs stealth products

Military Stealth technology being used as well

HyperStealth Cloudcam pattern being installed on a Cellular tower in Baltimore in March 2006 using the HyperStealth Consealment™ System

Here's a link to the site
Lightning and Thunder Disruption Camouflage Patterns

Cell Phone Towers Can Help Predict Big Floods

ScienceDaily (July 14, 2009) — Though New Orleans residents were told to evacuate days before the arrival of Hurricane Katrina, no one could have predicted the real extent of the devastation.
Now researchers from Tel Aviv University say they have found a novel and reliable way to help predict the intensity of the next big flood, using common cell phone towers across the United States. Their model, which analyzes cell phone signals, adds a critical component to weather forecasting never before available.

As Cactus

"By monitoring the specific and fluctuating atmospheric moisture around cell phone towers throughout America, we can cheaply, effectively and reliably provide a more accurate 'critical moisture distribution' level for fine-tuning model predictions of big floods," says Prof. Pinhas Alpert, a geophysicist and head of Tel Aviv University's Porter School for Environmental Education.

As Art

Prof. Alpert and his co-researchers Prof. Hagit Messer Yaron and doctoral fellow Noam David reported on their research in the April 2009 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Information the weather girl can use

As Jesus Crucified
Cell phone towers emit radio waves that are diminished by moisture in the air, a factor that can be used to improve model warnings on flood levels. In addition, the researchers measured the rainfall distributions and were able to accurately estimate the size of impending floods before they struck. This was demonstrated in post-analysis of two case-studies of floods in the Judean Desert in Israel, where cell phone towers — and flash floods — are abundant.

Using real data measurements collected from the towers, the researchers demonstrated how microwave links in a cellular network correlated with surface station humidity measurements. The data provided by cell phone towers is the missing link weather forecasters need to improve the accuracy of flood forecasting. The microwave data used in this study was supplied by two cellular providers Cellcom and Pelephone in Israel.

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