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Default Re: Prepare Now for Empty Store Shelves and Soviet-style Food Shortages

Originally Posted by Dantheman62 View Post
Geez burgundia, enough of the American bashing already. I say that after reading your posts for the last 8 months. It's obvious you don't like the USA, even though you don't come right out and say it, you're always giving little hints here and there.
I wasn't raised on junk and never ate junk food growing up, in fact my dad always had a huge garden every summer.
You must think we are all raised on Mcdonalds and that's all we ever eat.
It's not about american bashing, but sometimes it is annoying to see how sometimes people in USA perceive themselves as freedom bringers, saviors, the only international helpers,etc( the media have created that state of mind for all the peopel there) while the facts are different. I'm afraid that all your "good deeds" are overbalanced with "the worst ones"and many do not want to see that. And i do not see that feeling of "we are so great, we are such a great country" from the people on this forum from other countries. And then there are the moments that i want to 'bring some back to earth". When it comes to your words "you don't like the USA" I assume you mean the policy of your country and what is coming to the light these days, then the answer would be "yes". USA is such a large country, with so many different people and cultures living there that it is almost impossible to say nowadays what American is. As every nation, you have your virtues and vices but i tend to believe that the majority of people in each and every country are positive and likeable.
You are right Dan that sometimes I'm trying to stick that needle somewhere but not to do's more like a cold shower...
P.S. However I'll refrain from my criticism because practically all Americans on this forum are so nice that I do not want to hurt little sting is gone, hopefully forever...

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