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Angry Re: Big Cuts in Medicare and Medicaid Coming


Myself, a recipient of Social Security, having paid into this program some 46-Years from my honest labors, some years with earnings beyond the maximum subject to the FICA Tax, Have THIS news to report:

Just received a notice today that there will be NO COLA increase in 2010 for Social Security.
(COLA = Cost Of Living Adjustment).

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that the Social Security will NOT be adjusted for the rising Cost Of Living.

The "Downhill Slide" is getting underway now. With the MONEY becoming worthless at the same time, whatever savings, IRAs, 401k, Stock Funds, or investments: We The People are being Crushed.

Next stop Destitution, followed by Oblivion.

I don't see ANY lifelines or Life-Boats out there while this ship sinks.



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