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Default Re: Are there any scientists among us??

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Just a thought about mental illness. Life is hard...and when people are distressed because of this...does that make them mentally ill? Life is hard...and when couples have problems because of this...does that make them incompatible? Thomas Szasz wrote a book titled 'The Myth of Mental Illness'. All of the and illegal...are really screwing us up. Also...the ****on television and in movies...combined with really sick video games...militates mightily against sanity. Malevolent entities probably don't help either.
Szasz has some interesting and honorable ideas. I haven't studied him but a quick look shows he stood up against psychiatric abuses. Yes, the insanity is these psychiatric drugs and treatments like shock therapy can have horrible and permanent side effects and that is why when ever I get a chance I advocate for the sanity of using natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Stress-distress depletes B vitamins in the body and yes, in a state of depletion of the nutrients the body needs, the emotions can get out of balance. Provide extra nutrients and the body can heal itself.

Where Szaz goes wrong is in saying there are no objective findings in mental illness. Well there are. You can do blood and urine tests to pinpoint the affected biochemical pathway and you can give the nutrients to fix it, with ZERO side-effects. Here is one place where you can go for such tests and treatment.

When a dentist Weston A Price travelled the world in the 1930's studying the world's healthiest cultures, he found they were in isolated pockets, still ate their traditional diets and were yet untouched by the devitalized canned and processed "foods of commerce." These cultures had very little or no physical illness, tooth decay, and no mental illness. They had no police, no violence - until those "foods of commerce" replaced their traditional diets of living off the land and nearby waters - and then they began getting all the diseases and social problems that plague Western Society.

Speaking of violence on TV and in video games - TPTB and military have actually had a hand in this development - helping to "program" children into good little gun toting cannon fodder for their wars without end. The whole field of psychiatry was affected by those who control everything and master in mind-control and programs such as MK-Ultra. The field is indeed very corrupt and in need of being exposed for what it is. Mental illness is as real as the obesity plague - because malnutrition is rampant in a world that consumes too many calories and not enough vitamins and minerals. Minerals are an important key as they control the enzyme functions and the BigAgri lands are depleted of minerals.
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