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Default Re: Are there any scientists among us??

I want to make this perfectly clear...I am not a scientist...rocket or otherwise. I am also not a psychologist or psychiatrist...though I am as crazy as one! Just a thought about mental illness. Life is hard...and when people are distressed because of this...does that make them mentally ill? Life is hard...and when couples have problems because of this...does that make them incompatible? Thomas Szasz wrote a book titled 'The Myth of Mental Illness'. All of the and illegal...are really screwing us up. Also...the ****on television and in movies...combined with really sick video games...militates mightily against sanity. Malevolent entities probably don't help either.

Science is not our savior. The advanced weaponry may exterminate us. I don't even want to think about what scientists are creating in underground bases and black project labs. One can gain massive amounts of information on the internet and in the library. In fact...interdisciplinary research may be more easily accomplished by someone who is working independently...and not in an institutional setting.
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