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Default Monsanto et al write up a 'food saftey bill' in the USA

The "food safety" bills in Congress were written by Monsanto, Cargill, Tysons, ADM, etc. All are associated with the opposite of food safety. What is this all about then?
So here we have the very people who are intent on destroying our food supplies and our nutrition intake via their agro-chemical poisons, writing up a food saftey bill.

In my opinion thats like asking the Devil to write the rules for Heaven. Madness. What really scares me is that if this goes into law, and it is implemeted in full, there may be a day really soon where growing food is a covert action that will make those caught in the process criminals if they are not complying with the wishes of these mega national chemical factories.

Insanity just dropped a whole new level downwards on the spiral to hell.
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