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Default Re: The Dark on Alchemy

Originally Posted by ormagus View Post
I want to add that ormus elements are also present in urine.
i remember, someone telling me once,
that, if we could be designed better,
we would, put our urine, through us, twice.

i also remember, someone telling me once,
that, when a family member got real sick,
that, what they did, was had them drink their urine,
and, they got better very quickly.

something else,
i have found, is that taking a product
with gold/silver/and, copper in it, in the form of a flower essence,
allowed me, to really work, with my own brain synapses,
and, as, a result of that, i was able to learn a process,
of working with "mental screens" in my "higher mind"

the eXchanger
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