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Default Re: The Dark on Alchemy

this is an interesting thread
as, i am working on something
that connects to

1 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 11
and, expands itself with a trine (3)

11+ 3 = 14 + 1 more thing

and, much of it, can be related to clues left in rock carvings
around this world

and dove-tails, into light/sound/tone and vibration
that surrounds us, in the ethers,
and, runs through all of our assortment of eXpressions
that are known/or unknown to us
consciously/or subconsciously/or superconsciously

much of it, goes back, to early teachings -
that, are often passed spirit to spirit,
through stilling the mind, in mediation,
or/comes in, through your dream_time
and/or in families, who, did NOT join any churches,
threads of it, where passed word of mouth, to others, and, kept alive

one of my main studies, is alternative realities, and, other worlds - and, other kin

love / susan
the eXchanger

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