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Default Re: The Dark on Alchemy

Source also said that if you take monoatomic iridium in high-spin state, that you can make it into a disc that levitates against the earth's magnetic field.

I read this article months ago: The Magic and Mystery of ORMUS Elements by Dr Roger Taylor. Browse thru the free articles section to find it.

…A great deal more needs to be done on the physics and
chemistry, not least to elucidate some of the extraordinary
phenomena which have been observed. For example, on drying
an aqueous preparation of ORMUS rhodium on filter paper in
sunlight, Hudson observed it to disappear with an intense flash of
light, but with no sound or shock wave. Still more strange, when
working with ORMUS iridium and subjecting it to repeated
heating to red heat and cooling, he found its weight to oscillate
violently with each cycle of annealing—even, at one point, to lose
and then regain a l l of its weight. This result has been
incorporated into the hyperdimensional theory of Finnish
theoretical physicist Matti Pitkänen.
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