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Default Re: The Dark on Alchemy

Many tools / traditions / myths have been given to humanity for the transformation of consciousness. Alchemy is one esoteric tradition and there is another way to read what you have written:

The 'philosopher's stone' is the 'stone' that the builders rejected, ie the 'chief cornerstone' of Christ-consciousness. (Psalm 118:22)

Most human beings have not constructed their lives on the 'chief cornerstone' of Christ-consciousness. Instead, people's lives are generally built on skewed foundations because they're built on the shifting sands of illusion based on the dualistic mind. The 'chief cornerstone' of Christ is missing from conscious awareness in the majority of humanity.

"Whoever 'tastes' or 'touches' the philosopher's stone can transmute lead into gold".

Whoever consciously awakens christ-consciousness can transmute the lead of human consciousness into the gold of spirit. He or she can also, by the power of the word, transmute lead metal into gold metal. The empowerment comes from inner-spirit.

The soul who realises the Christ-consciousness can access all 12 levels of reality and can transmute the past thus positively affecting the future.

All souls on earth who have fallen into 'duality consciousness' in 3D are living in an 'animal' body compared to the etheric body we once wore on the etheric plane.

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