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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

hi folks just a few words.

i must say i was suprised at kerry,s outburst at bill that is not the behaviour of a grounded person.
i fear for her becouse it seems she is giving in to paranoia and anger.
in a way i can understand though as i know what its like when you feel a close freind has let you down.
it can be heart breaking and we all react to these situations in different ways.
it does seem though that there are people around her at the moment that may be may be rubbing salt in the wound and making matters worse.
any enemies that camalot have will rubbing there hands together with delight at the moment becouse this is exactly what they want.
not only is PC/PA being broken apart but the are being dis credited the process.

from now on people will use this as an excuse to say Kerry is unstable and therefore discredit her work.
this is character asasination at its worst.

it seems that K and B were going diferent directions with there investagative /journalistc tack any way.
Bill wanted much more substantiated testomony and kerry was much more willing to follow her heart and seems this had caused a rift between them.

however the heart can mis lead the best of us and like it or not its easy to be sucked in by clever people who tell us exactly what we want hear.

i really feel for both kerry and bill right they have both lost a major freindship and partner ship and i know more than most how much this can hurt.
they will both be feeling very vulnerable and upset right now.

spare a thought for them and try not to make this situation even harder for them by assigning blame and adding to the paranoia.

we will never know all the issues surrounding this (allthough its obvious they are both victims of manipulation) so lets not try to jump to many conclusions.
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