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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

Originally Posted by xbusymom View Post
then I began to connect all the random thoughts and my info-dreams that I had over the last 3-4 weeks (also the info I gleened from my dad- who is a PHD Psychologist – over the years growing up) about “How can little old me make a difference?” (and how can I help others) and I realized that ALL the PHD’s that are taught in all the same university’s private elitist clubs are making gobs of money giving high-priced seminars to bestow us little sheeples with selected tidbits of THE WAY to get free from the negative unconscious programming … (but never giving the entire sum of the info on how to finish the job)…

and then it hit me… WE have all the info we need to reprogram ourselves…

shiftmonkey, I would be glad to help with this project (xbusymom at yahoo)…

I also got the “free energy technology” computer CD from George Green’s website, and everything is in PDF’s, and I would be glad to share those as well.
Thanks for the links. Very interesting stuff. I will email you.
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