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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

Originally Posted by shiftmonkey View Post
I've been thinking about creating a VCD and/or DVD that contains clips from youtube videos with an added voice-over narration. Something like Kymatica but with a more overall positive tone. It would contain information from a wide variety of subjects.

For those who don't know what a VCD is- it is a regular CD that plays like a DVD and it will play in almost any DVD player. The benefit to a VCD is that they are very easy and cheap to reproduce and people can copy them very easily to spread them around.

I would like some input and suggestions as to the best material to include. I don't just want to present the same old doom and gloom message and then leave people hanging. I want to include lots of material that shows possibilities for the way out of the mess.

I'm interested in covering topics that are not covered by the mainstream press like the possibility of a coming coronal mass ejection of the sun and how it can cripple the current system overnight, suppressed physics and free energy, infra red UFO activity, suppressed medicine and alternative healing-basically the kind of stuff that we talk about here on Avalon.

Please be as specific as possible. For instance if you suggest a youtube or google video let me know where the important info is so that I don't have to watch an entire 2 hr documentary to get a 30 second clip. If anyone has time to assist with outlining or viewing footage please drop me a note at: shift at shiftpages dot com.

Here are a couple of videos that I might use clips from:

Prof Ervin Laszlo

Google this guy. He's great guy and you have a similar idea of a global shift.

Watch this 2 min promo vid.
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