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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
The portion of the interview is at 37:45. Listen for the beginning: "The primary thing that people need to be concerned about is a solar mass ejection..."

It is the 15 November 2009 Audio Interview of Dr Deagle. It's a 94 minute mp3. Here's the link to the Camelot page (scroll down):
Thank you for your offer to help seashore! Finding the exact time in the clip was very helpful. That's the kind of thing that takes so much time.

This idea almost got "lost in the sauce" for me because the replies to the thread were going to my spam folder. I've got quite a bit to keep track of these days and if something doesn't take root it usually gets moved to my back-burner/wish-list. When I work with other people it increases my motivation because it creates a momentum.

I have some idea of where I want to go with the project but I'm not quite sure how to organize things if people want to do more. If you have any ideas or suggestions please send me a PM and we can discuss it. I am just beginning to put together an outline for the project.
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