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Default Re: Any idea for alternative way for the ederly.

my understanding is that both of them are caused by lack of oxygen to the braind.

My mother became quite bad from mixing two medications and it brought on dementia.

Once she was weened she became herself. My mother also had a horrible brain tumor the size of a baseball that brought on brain damage.

She did return to her right mind. I did alot of studying on the mind afterwards because my daughter also had a brain tumor. With two small sons I was panicking for her. I didnt want her to go through what my mother had.

There are many items being sold that will open the arteries and I just know that colloidal did it for her and myself. I haven't had a headache since I started using the silver. My daughters tumor was wrapped around her pituary gland and caused her blindness prior to removal. She is find now and all testings have been good. So I believe in it.

It really truly works as many have testified in this forum and other ones.

Most of the medication that the doctors prescribe today can actually damage the arteries and cause the blood flow to stop from reaching the brain. MS , dementia

there is a website you can check out what your parents are taking to see side effects and that should help you. But I truly believe in the silver so therefore I suggest it
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