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Default Re: Any idea for alternative way for the ederly.

Thanks everyone for your kind replies.

At present all is fine and dandy with my parents, but as time ticks by me and my brother were trying to at least look at alternative care homes, and due to the rate of Alzimers in the Family, wanted to be prepared.

They are only 68 of age so no real rush. But better to know if there is alternative caring methods.

My parents always said that if they got too far gone take them to a really nice cliff view somewhere and let the breaks off. they have a healthy sense of humour.

I will say that my antie is going down the alzimer route now. The thing is she looked after my nan, her mom. She is scared to death what is coming up, being conscious of what is round the corner.

As I have never heard of a Homeopathic method? There should be something about?

But once again, thank you for your concerns and well wishes that I will pass on to the ones on the front line.


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