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Default Re: Any idea for alternative way for the ederly.

Taking care for someone with alzheimers is not an easy task and you should certainly not feel any guilt for seeking the best care and support. This can as above is suggested be done in a variety of ways, yes a live in carer is one of the options, a residential home is another. Putting your relatives in a good home is nothing to be ashamed of. People who think otherwise have not had to deal with it. A person with alzheimers can be a danger to themselves and others. For example leaving a pan boiling on the stove ( remember the elderly like to look after themselves even when it becomes increasingly difficult) Fires can be left on, gas can go out, baths can be left running, there are many things that we take for granted that suddenly become a danger. There is also a danger of being personally abused and attacked, so when considering a live in carer make sure they are experienced and well trained.
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