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Default Re: Any idea for alternative way for the ederly.

Nice to hear from you and your message shows your concern about your parents. I cannot give you any suggestion; but if i were in similar situation; i would not be away from my parents at this juncture; so i would not be putting them in old-aged homes. I would rather try to remember those days when i was infant; and how they accommodated me in their lives. I personally believe; people at old age feel loneliness; so better spending some time with them, but not for the sake of just spending....sharing their thoughts, making them feel how important they are in my life still, and how much still have to be done by them; so generating a feeling of left responsibilities/tasks among them too. If possible, start doing "Pranayama", which would keep them energetic and away from most of the medical threats....I think paying attention on alternative medical therapies might also help...and Gita gave some important links too; and you can explore lot of info on this forum as well.

If you have time use the above link and find some info again on "Rife" technology and there you can download one "FreX16" software for free, which contains database of most of the medical conditions and the "required suitable frequency" to treat them. On this website; on the left side you can see " Research- FreX" just click and scroll below and after videos, you can find the link to download this software, but better have some knowledge about this "sound healing" first.

For "Pranayamas", find the following video where most of the types of Pranayama are wonderfully explained. The man who is in the middle in the video is known as "Baba Ramdev" who is known as "Yoga Guru" in India. He has brought revolutions in India in terms of human health in the last 2 years. I am telling you because i perform these exercises at home; so i know their benefits....You might want to consider them....

Last, but not least, wish you good luck in all your pursuits!!

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