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Default Re: The colonna family / Re-posting with important correction

Originally Posted by Ravens and Doves View Post
Now, although nothing I posted about a Mr. Colonna was a lie, I would like to formally and publicly state my apologies to the GOOD Italian family who came to the rescue with funds... no strings attached, for rent and food and only rent and food. If funds were squndered by poor choices and blind impulses, it was I who was a party to it, NOT the Colonnas.

That said and done. Leslie and I will toast all the good family last names on New Years Eve at Club Moon (blank) (can't say the rest... e me off forum for dirctions).

Unconditional Love to All!

Paul Per-sticken (temp. lobe short curcit 12/3/09) gooble (temporary dis-leck zia.... gobble-dee-GOOBLISH spelling and grammer).... you got the picture. Thanks, folks, for reading this.

P. S.

Dear Avalonites,

I just want to re-stress my deep apolologies to the Colonnas and point out that it was JORDAN MAXWELL, not the also wonderful Jake Simpson that I meant to post about last month.
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